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No emotion; no journal; less platitude

I have a habit of writing diaries in high school, to decrease the pressure and anxiety. So blog inherit it. As time going by, I realize I have to make a review of my life, in every single post, and it’s really, kind of wasting time. Digging feeling or writing complain make every post like a toilet paper. Emotion and cliché may means a lot to the present, but less in the future1.

No necessary to rewrite blog

You have to read old articles to find the mistakes one by one, even word alternatives, sentences order and font size or spaces. It’s such a hell. So why not delete above all, then write a new one? Interestingly, this scenes sounds like Bojack Horseman wrote his first book2:


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  1. It’s really due to lazy, maybe a while, more likely wouldn’t.
  2. I want this design being a filter to tired words in readers. Sounds like GFW we known, actually it’s true. This design would be a soft-wall said by haohailong3
  3. People die, but long live github.4 However github is the third free services as well, like disqus, vercel or something else. I don’t trust them, free forever? Don’t lie, nothing is free, sometimes it paid more than given. Backup as schedule is more reliability, and find a more sensible platform. Alternative is, creating it.
  4. The function-added would be left to github, like action, comments, and more difficult problem in the future (;

Reversed Log

The style I used

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  1. Basically I agree with magasa’s answer, via: 哪個或哪些網絡用語最讓人反感? - 知乎; Wherever it was, native or foreign, cliché sucks, why not using a more concrete and clearer word to discuss? via: Cliché - Wikipedia or Platitude - Wikipedia. Since 20200501; 

  2. See sense via: BoJack Learns How Hard It Is to Write - BoJack Horseman - YouTube. “I feel like we can beat this font. Ah, Copperplate, a font for the truly modern man. Ha. No. There you are, Verdana. Oh, Comic Sans, you drunk, go home. 3:10? I just spent six hours playing with fonts? Holy shit!” Generally, every decision is hard and diversity but not matters. Since 20210607; 

  3. “一個很自然的便捷度區分出現了:備案或白名單網站只需要點擊一次就可以查看;非備案或非白名單網站(如很多國際網站)需要多點擊一次。僅僅這一點,恐怕就可以讓很多人放棄訪問這個頁面(因爲便捷度彈性高)。何況這個跳轉頁面有意無意間說到了「風險」兩個字,無疑又會阻止一部分人。”, via: 軟牆 - 郝海龍 

  4. As laike9m said, “對抗死亡是人類文明的永恆主題,而我們已經實現了階段性勝利。現在是文章、照片、視頻,也許還有以個人習慣作爲輸入訓練的模型。再往後呢?會不會有基因信息,乃至意識的完整複製呢?依託於穩定的存儲,我們能做的事情實在太多了。”. via: People Die, but Long Live GitHub - laike9m’s blog

  5. 全平臺 Favicon 在線生成器 – – 鏡態極研

  6. Heaven’s Lost Property - Wikipedia

  7. Emojis as favicons

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