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One wisdom sentence released

2023 新年伊始,整理 2022 的陳年筆記時發現有很多不知名,但是又捨不得丟棄的句子,想着乾脆把他們做成引用得了。連着建倉庫,設計頁面,寫腳本一套下來也沒花太多時間,一個簡單的靜態自動部署的網站就建好了: One1.

Tech stack


See the Pen quotes by bGZo (@bgzo) on CodePen.

  1. Name inspired by 「ONE · 一個」

  2. Page design parody for Words of Wisdom

  3. Jekyll is just a static website generation. Seem like impossible to deliver value from jekyll to js. More discuss via: Jekyll - display a random chosen post in index - Stack Overflow

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